Try saying I GET TO instead of I HAVE TO

Quick Tip: try saying “I get to…” instead of “I have to…”

It completely changes your energy and encourages thoughts of gratitude instead of resentment or obligation.

For example:

  • Instead of “I have to entertain my child” try “I get to entertain my child.” I did this during the week when I was a bit stressed about work but needed to look after my little one. When I changed my thought I suddenly felt so grateful to have this opportunity to spend time with him, and I knew I could get my work done after. Plus, he pushed me on the swing which was fun! 😄
  • instead of “I have to wash the dishes” try “I get to wash the dishes”. Your brain will go “huh?!” And suddenly you will be thinking of all the reasons that’s a privilege. Like, I have dishes to wash, I had food to eat off those dishes, I have a kitchen to wash them in, my body allows me to do this functional task.
  • here’s a funny one: I was out in the rain this afternoon picking up dog shit so that it wouldn’t turn to a sloppy stinking mess in my backyard. I was grumbling to myself about it, when I switched my thought to “I get to pick up dog shit in the rain”. 🤣 Not only did the thought make me laugh, I also started thinking of all the reasons that was a privilege: I have dogs to love (even if they don’t clean up after themselves), I have a backyard to enjoy and maintain, we are not in drought, the rain was gentle and kind of refreshing (if it weren’t for the smell of dog shit 😂)… etc.

Try it. Next time you’re feeling grumpy or stressed about having to do something, try changing your thought to “I get to…” and see what happens. Let me know how it works for you!

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