Excel in life with a life coach

Elite athletes want to excel at their sport. Elite athletes have coaches to help them reach their highest potential. The athlete has the skill and the talent, but the coach can see things from another perspective. The coach has tools and strategies to offer when the athlete is struggling or when they’ve reached a plateau. The coach can motivate and inspire, and keep the athlete focused on the goal when the athlete is feeling tired, distracted, or feels like giving up.

These concepts also apply to people who want to excel in their LIFE.

When you have a goal and you’re just not getting there by yourself, a coach can really get you to that next level. We all love to think that we can do it alone, but even the most talented athletes didn’t get to where they are by themselves.

Imagine what you could achieve in just one year if you had a coach working with you every week to drive you toward your goals.

Who could you become if you invested that time and money in yourself now?

What difference could you make in the world when you reach that goal?

Right now, I am offering a 12-month coaching package for just $2500 (that’s half price!). The first consult is absolutely free and there’s no obligation to continue.

On that first call, I will show you how we can work together to achieve your goals. We still start to identify barriers, patterns, solutions, and the way forward.

If you decide to continue with a coaching plan, we will start booking in your weekly sessions and you will start to notice results very quickly. You will learn tools and strategies that you can apply in multiple areas of your life and you will excel. Your life will change.

So the 12 month package is $2500 with weekly sessions (there are smaller packages if you prefer, but locking in the 12 month package at this price seems obvious). You can save a further 10% by paying upfront, AND you can cancel anytime and I’ll refund the remainder of the package.

I want to take the money drama out of this situation, so I’m trying to make it as easy as possible for you.

The only questions I want you to have right now are:

  1. What is it costing me to NOT achieve this goal / be the person I want to be?
  2. When can we get started?

If you’re ready to book in your first free consult, click here –> https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/FlyLifePersonalDevelopment1@flylifepd.com.au/bookings/s/6uIf32Q2rU6TOEkaWV09Bw2

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