How attribution bias is holding you back

Have you noticed that when other people get something good (eg. a dream job, a beautiful house, an award etc), we tend to think that they just got lucky and all their circumstances made it easy for them.
Whereas when things go right for us we attribute our success to our hard work and good choices.
On the other hand, when things go badly for other people we are quick to identify how they made poor choices or didn’t work hard enough.
And when things go badly for us we blame the external circumstances and our bad luck.
Isn’t this fascinating? In psychology it’s called the attribution bias, and it’s a really deep and interesting topic to delve into.
But I raise it here because it can hold you back from taking responsibility and being accountable for your outcomes. And the point of taking responsibility is not to make you feel bad. The point is that when YOU are responsible, YOU can change the outcomes! You do not have to continue to be a victim of circumstances beyond your control.
You will achieve so much more when you realise that YOU create your results, REGARDLESS of the external factors.

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