Thanks for your support so far

This week I reached 100 Likes on my Facebook page. I’m so grateful to each and every one of you for liking my page so far.

Which category do you fit?

You’ve probably Liked my page for one of these reasons:

She may not be able to lift me up by my feet anymore, but she still supports me in every way she can.
  • You’re totally into self-improvement and keen to keep up with my news, tips, offers, and random thoughts
  • You’re my family member or friend and feel obliged to Like my page so that we don’t have an awkward moment next time I see you…
  • You’re a friend of my mum’s and feel obliged to Like my page because she asked you to (thanks Mum!)

Don’t need improvement?

It’s very possible that you’ve totally got your shit together and don’t think you need any personal development. Here’s why I want you to stick with me anyway:

  • Those of us who DON’T always have all our shit together NEED people like you to tell us how you do stuff! Engage with the content on this page and tell us what YOU do to make your life happier or easier.
  • There are people you know who may be quietly struggling with their own motivation, self-discipline, or goals. Share the content on this page and help them find me. I stumbled across ONE blog many years ago that helped me start turning my life around. Maybe I can be that person for someone else.
  • I believe that no matter how great we are, or how smoothly things are running for us, we can ALL work on SOMETHING to improve our functionality and wellbeing. Whether it’s habits, kindness, self-discipline, motivation, or some aspect of your personality. Stick with me, check out my blog posts, and spend a little time reflecting on yourself.

What is the point of Fly Life Personal Development anyway?

Fly Life Personal Development is all about helping people get unstuck. We’ve all been there.

  • Unsure about what we’re doing with our life

    You know there’s gotta be more to life than this.
  • Scared about what’s coming next
  • Bored with where we’re at but not confident enough to change it
  • Unmotivated to do what’s gotta be done
  • Motivated but lacking the self-discipline required to achieve something
  • Or just feeling blah about ourselves and wanting to start feeling like we’re really living.

Fly Life Personal Development will help people through the blog and through coaching services and workshops. The more you engage with my content on social media or on the website, by Liking, Commenting and Sharing, the more my business gets out there, hopefully reaching the people who are searching for someone like me to help them.

So I wanted to thank you again for already liking my Facebook page. I hope you’ll stick with me, help me help other people, and in the long run, help me support my own little family by making my small business successful!

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